Love knots and marriage locks on the Great Wall, outside Beijing. I did not set up this shot...someone just happened to leave their beautiful bag and parasol next to the wall at this moment. Curiously enough, locals tend to dress up for climbing the wall (and it is no small athletic feat!) We saw gilded, strappy sandals, delicate linen sundresses, even high heels. As a Colorado native who wears Chacos and athletic gear to climb pretty much anything, I was amazed and impressed.
Here's to the power of love, and the strength of a healthy partnership.


sølvi said...

I love the idea of love knots and marriage knots:-)

Yoli said...

That was a lovely shot and yes I can remember the high heels and dresses. I was stunned. I would have had to be hospitalized if I had not worn my sneakers.

Hila said...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day.

caroline said...

what a beautiful idea! i love the marrigage knots, they can not be opened if you don't hva the key - that is marriage in reality..
Stunning pictures, darling.

FDChief said...

Lovely image; thanks.

I think Americans tend to dress down in general. Certainly I found that most places I visited outside Western Europe, from Panama to Egypt, tend to have higher standards of public dress than the U.S. The notion of slopping out to the grocery store in flip-flops and sweatpants wouldn't occur to most people outside North America or parts of the E.U. (and, mind you, most of the non-Germanic/Anglo Euro countries have a similarly more formal style than us sloppy North Americans and North Europeans)

But heels climbing the Great Wall?