Today our friends were back from Miami, and we all met up at Whole Foods in the midst of Holiday mayhem for lunch and sorbets.
Larkin, Pettus and Dahl children. Evidently Q had a bit of a thing for the Nutcracker guy.
 Q and her lime-ade sorbet.
 I'm not sure who started the dance-off...
 ...but it progressed quickly into a major event... the Whole Foods Pizza Bar in the middle of the lunch rush.
My family is just not this flexible, sadly. 
 Bianca schools Q in a very graceful splits stretch.
 And Q tries it out in turn.
 I think Q just gave up and started breakdancing in between Bianca and Sasha here! Is she takin' it 2 da street? Will she risk everything?
 Ballet-trained Sasha has her moves down!
Bonding with Bianca over pink things.


Di said...

Love the dancing in the middle of the shop - kids are just so relaxed! I love Whole Foods Markets - but until recently the closest one to me was about 470 miles away in London but one just opened in Glasgow - still about 90 miles though ;-(

Aztechan Pettus said...


Thank you kindly for committing photography on all occasions. I absolutely love your sense of style, creations, and making our children come to life on film. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your love of beauty. Thanks for sharing part of your day with us yesterday. You are Wonder Woman! xoxoxox

Yoli said...

Sally adores nutcrackers, I have a photo of her with one in Beijing. These photos are so much fun. The girls look so adorable. I particularly like Q's new haircut (though I was secretly hoping you would keep the trend of leaving her hair long)and those ruby slippers. She looks magical.