One more thing....
Several people have asked the source of the gilded skirt and stag top that Q is wearing in our Thanksgiving photos. 
So here it is, from the fall/winter '11 collection at Anais & I out of New York, with illustrations by me, I'm proud to say!(And yes, there's a bunny as well, with a Liberty print bow!)

The top is here, the skirt is here!


Yoli said...

I love the skirt and did not get it, I got the dress instead with your stag. Your colaboration with A & I is making a lot of enchanting outfits for children.

Ancarol said...

So sweet i hope i have daughter wear this ; )

Milica Lubardic said...

The skirts are adorable! I would buy them, so I could become a little girl again for just one day! Q has the better style than most of the people and girls I have seen lately! Have a nice week
everything best!