For Halloween this year, Q was ambitious. 
She chose her first costume several weeks before the actual event. 
It was a witch broom and hat. 
She wore it around for a day or two, but by the time the actual day of Halloween approached, she was on to a fresh concept. 
Her second costume choice was Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies. Since it was only a second choice, I let her buy the pre-fab version on sale at Target. She wore this to her costume day at school (the boy whose arm she is gripping so ardently is her "boyfriend", Jayden. He's a very sweet kid. They even have adjacent cubbies. They're pretty much madly in love. 
Her third costume choice was Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. This was an eleventh-hour decision, made on the actual eve all hallow's eve. So while I did it all from scratch, it was a very hasty job, and you really had to use your imagination. 
In her own eyes, however, she was Jack Skellington all the way!
Daddy was DJ Lance Rock once again. He has since sworn to be DJ Lance Rock every year until she turns 18, just to embarrass her. Not a bad strategy, actually. After all, what is a parent's job except to embarrass their teen-aged children?
And I was...I was...
Well, I didn't really have a costume. I would have, really, but I didn't have time. However, I'd recently bought this amazing pair of Pendleton plaid wool pants (circa 1964) from a vintage shop on Etsy for $15. So I borrowed my husband's Bean Boots and a fisherman's cardigan and just went with it.

Epilogue: It is now three days after Halloween, and tonight my husband's parents took us all to see the stage version of The Lion King.
(It was amazing btw)
After the show, Q informed us that she would like to be "the monkey who holds the stick" for Halloween.

I'm not sure how to break it to her that Halloween is all over with until next year. Yup, 362-ish days from now. Suck it up, sweetie. I'm done with the costume thing.


Di said...

Love it! I particularly love the little ghost dog that she is clutching!!

RDYN! said...

Ngaw Q has her own little boyfriend, while I'm withering around being single. It's cute!

Q is definitely an awesome buzz Lightyear!

Amber Weathers said...

My daughter was Buzz as well. Absolutely adorable! Glad your day(s) were great. I'm with you on farewell to Halloween!

FDChief said...

No reason she can't dress up...there's just no candy in it for her...