First big snow of the year came early, this year, for Denver. Our Halloween ghosts were still up in the tree, and our autumn flowers frozen solid on the doorstep.
 But no one felt like complaining. First snow in Colorado is always fun...especially since one always knows that a random, gratuitous 60-degree day is sure to follow in the near future!
 First big snow also happened to coincide with our first parent/teacher conference day. As you can see from Q's tentative face, we were all a bit nervous for that! She came out of it with flying colours, you may not be surprised to know!
 According to the teachers' notes, she has been known to be a tad bossy (no suprise there), but she is also smart, attentive, eager, ultra-enthusiastic, and scored way above average on her letters and numbers.
 Here she is showing off her autumn leaf project for us! We love LOVE her teachers this year. They are really exceptional. We got lucky.
 At home in the front yard after our conference. 
(Outfit by Zara)
 Reveling in the Colorado powder!
 Doing her best Austin Powers (for some reason?)
It was a good day.


kenza said...

Marvelous! She is so adorable in that outfit and so happy all is going well at school. The most important thing is that she be happy!
And the first snow --we had that as well. Something really magical about that first snow of the year!
(your painting in the previous post is magical)

alliot + iza said...

Magical pictures! The first snow has made the first parent/teacher conference day particularly memorable.
So happy for Q that she's doing well and she has met wonderful teachers.
Q is SO tall now ... she has a great potential to be as tall as you :)

nath said...

already snow???
Well done Q...sounds a very promising little lady...

The littlest said...

wonderful. whenever i come to your little corner of the internet my heart lifts instantly. and i love your boots. ;)