What would one of our NYC posts be without a Gray's Papaya hot dog?
I love the "recession special" sign. Really puts you in the timeframe, doesn't it?
Communing with the pigeons.
A brief meeting with our friend Johnny, on his way to Cape Cod.
Q wanted to serve the pigeons a single cheerio on a plate. I am fairly certain that the pigeons have rarely been the recipients of such gracious dining service.
Sometimes Q sees and sets up shots herself. This was one of those shots that she set up. She will back herself into the spot that looks photogenic to her, and then tells me "kaching!" (as in the sound of a camera shutter. I though this was a particularly clever one, on her part, for dramatic effect. The girl has an eye on her.


FDChief said...

Q as Annie Liebowitz? Brilliant!

jane said...

she certainly does! :)