Although the ride by ferry to Governor's Island is a short one, I thought I should give a sense of the ride itself. I have always loved NY's ferrys. When I lived in the city in my early 20s, we used to ride the Staten Island ferry in the summer just to get out of the heat. NY real estate is famously expensive and cramped, and the hot, stifling summers can be a trial. The ferry is an inexpensive way to get out in the fresh air with a cool breeze for a luxurious stretch of time. So I have a fond spot in my heart for the ferries from the start.
The ferry docks are something to be wondered at, as well. If you take the time to look, the details are marvelous, and one can easily imagine oneself in another era.
And then there's the people-watching. Always a favorite passtime.
Always an never know what you might see. There is always a moment of pure magic somewhere to be found.


Daan said...

great adventure!!

Yoli said...

OMG those two just love on each other!!!