A few days ago, this arrived from the deguisements shop at VDJ. It's still large for the Q, and for the time being it's holding court in the spare room...a fairytale waiting to happen.
The "robe couleur du soleil" from the Peau d'Ane legend.


kenza said...

Beautiful... and Peau d'Âne has always been one of my favorites. I am certain Q will look lovely in it!
Have a nice week end sweet Maia.

Yanyan said...

Ah, you got this dress! It is like fairy tale. Saw your comment on my post, so glad the package arrived and you like the pieces, hope they will fit Q well. Can't wait to see Q wearing them!! Have a great weekend!

Knoopjes said...

Lucky Q.! That's a gorgeous dress, every girls dream!

Daan said...

Wow amazing!! LOVE!!

(I'm already curious about your spoonflower design(s).
I found them months ago and it's great *too bad for me it isn't in The netherlands ;-)*

Happy weekend!!

Yoli said...

From my absolute favorite fairytale. Maia this is beyond stunning and I cannot wait to see Q wearing it.

sarahthefantastic said...

Aaaah! Catching up on your posts and seeing where the dress came from.
Also LOVE the story of Peau d'Ane and am (very slowly) illustrating a similar one, Allerleirau or All Furs. Another reason that dress stopped my heart! A dress the colour of the sun. With the Q. That is true magic.