Yoli made me do it.

Yup, her, from Musings.

She is a good friend, I'll give you that.

BUT, she is the worst influence on me. That little voice of temptation, the devil on my shoulder...
Did any of you see Avenue Q, the Broadway musical that spoofs Sesame Street for adults? Do you remember the "bad advice bears" that sit on the puppets' shoulders and shout things like "Let's play drinking games!" In tiny, high-pitched voices?

Yup, Yoli is my bad advice bear. And the terrible part is that half the time I actually listen.

ps - this leather aviator helmet for the small set is on clearance right now at tAmoMolt. Now I'm your bad advice bear ;) So there.


Yoli said...

OH don't EVEN! Look at the pot calling the kettle black! You have gotten me in worse trouble than Maryam.

Yanyan said...

ha! True, Yoli was the first to tell me to get that Porter bag and so did you! And I like you both for that! Have a great weekend!

Jeanne-ming said...

I am laughing my head off!!!!1