Corner view: coffee companion
I don't suppose it will surprise anyone to discover who my coffee companion is. In fact, she is my constant coffee companion...but on this occasion, I have to admit, it was coffee and hot dogs. Not your most common combination.

I do, trust me, realize that my "corner views" are almost always posted late, and that I fly by the seat of my pants for many of them. I do have a reason for this, and the reason is that Wednesday is smack-dab in the middle of our family "weekend". Since my husband works every weekend, and has his days off mid-week, this is inevitably the time when we're madly dashing around trying to get in our quality time as a family of three before his work week begins again.

So here we were, after a particularly sunny and pleasant morning with friends at the zoo, finishing our belated coffee with lunch at Steve's Snappin' Dogs.
Here's the Q telling me to wait while she runs inside to check on our order. I love when she tells me to wait. It cracks me up.
Though the hot dogs are far and away the best in town, the thing I really anticipate when we stop in at Steve's is the fried, salted green beans. Flash-fried in oil just long enough to be as crisp as wafers, while retaining all the green freshness within. This, along with the fresh-squeezed limeade, is my favorite dish.
The Q must be growing again (though I can't think why, since at just barely two and a half, she is already taller than most three year olds, and a fair number of four-year-olds as well) because she's been packing away the food like it's her job for the past few days. I might ad (as you look in horror at all this "junk food") that she has no dietary restrictions. The Q is persistently underweight, so we let her eat anything and everything that strikes her fancy. Fortunately, she's fairly experimental with foods, as two-year-olds go, and so gets a good variety of nutrients.

Here, she is painting on the war-stripes that she so loves to wear on her ketchup.
Sure, I suppose there's some faint part of me that daydreams about sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop, like those neatly-attired people you often see using the WiFi connection...just dreaming away the afternoon doing work on the computer and not worrying about where the sugar packets are going. But really, I have no desire at all to be single and rootless again. Honestly, I could sit and watch my daughter lick sauce off of her fingers for hours on end. While she is not the neatest or the most tranquil coffee companion I can envision, she is far and away the most entertaining.

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Mlle Paradis said...

Delightful post. This is what it's all about! If you aren't having these moments, you shouldn't be bothering! "Happy Weekend"

Gigi said...

What a great post! I want to try those green beans for sure. Looks like a wonderful "weekend"!

I'm one of those WiFi people, but I'm never neatly attired! ; )

xo Gigi

Joyce said...

My friend enjoy the moments with your little companion. Time goes so fast. I don't have any children, but treasure the times I spent with my nephews and nieces around Q's age. Now as they are young adults the time is just as special.
BTW those green beans look so good. I wonder why other hot dog places don't do this. xo

Juniper said...

Those green beans do look good! At times I do envy the calm wifi folk or those with the time to read the paper but now days as we do not go to cafes as often as in the past it is a special treat and I do like to make it feel like such. Yes sugar packets - the temptation they hold and those darn salt shakers!
Q is visibly growing! Can see it even from way over here!

kenza said...

I love this set of photos! Yes a sweet companion indeed. The war paint is precious with the little finger raised!

rosanguyen said...

aww how cute!

I can't remember anything of the sort when I was under 3, my first memories were when I was about to turn 4...

Simply Mel said...

Is it okay that my mouth is watering from just the look of those green beans?

Completely agree about our 'constant companions' - wouldn't trade it for the world!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

It's nice to have so many mamas (and non-mamas who understand about the joy of the little ones) who know whereof I speak ;)

Rosa, I can't remember anything that early, either. And as Evelyne said in a recent comment, she will most likely not retain any of these things as actual memories. Too young. BUT, I do believe that these moments stay with us through life, even if only subconsciously. There's a reason that these are called the "formative years". So I believe that it's extremely important to live every moment to its fullest now. This is, in whatever form, what will shape her view of life in many ways.

Theresa said...

I love this post. Your love for Q is precious.

Di said...

I think you have a great coffee companion. I didn't post in Corner View again this week....don't like coffee!

MODsquad said...

Oh, YUM!! For some reason I've been craving hot dogs... odd, I know, these pictures are not helping that craving at all! Delicious!

Anonymous said...

I see that you are drinking Starbucks in this post. I'd recommend trying a Starbucks white chocolate mocha with a shot of hazelnut. It is delicious.