Off to the stock show...check out the snowy front range of the Rocky Mountains in the background!
 Stock show 2012...flashier than ever before!
 This sheep was very interested in my telling him how handsome he was...

 Sheep shower!
 Q trying to figure out whether that cotton candy could fit into her stomach.
 It did.

 Stadium jumping.
It was a good day at the Stock Show, and far balmier than the past couple of years!!!


RDYN! said...

Q is so cute with the cotton candy, in the photos where she was trying to work out if it fits and while she was consuming it.

kenza said...

That first shot is mesmerizing!

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Oh, I love those shots of Q eating the cotton candy! Amazing how all that spun sugar can fit, and yet it does! What a joy, and what haute couture on the animals! Looks like a great day. xoxo Gigi

Ancarol said...

So cool to visited sheep it will be fun : )

kitchu said...

i love that shot of her on Daddy's shoulders :) priceless!