With so much growth, so many new friends, and so many other distractions in her life (school, gymnastics, the ongoing operatic drama of her relationship with her two embattled boyfriends...) it has been a while since she remembered her once-beloved guitars.
 In the past week, however, she has been going through a rock-n-roll renaissance.
Her comeback just might be epic.


Evelyne said...

I love rock'n roll...une future Patti Smith.

Anonymous said...


Yoli said...

Wait a minute, tell us more about the two boyfriends! Love it! She is a natural with that guitar.

kitchu said...

seriously Maia. don't you look at her sometimes and think... i see it all unfolding? how she is just... meant for something so much bigger than the rest of us?

and yes. DETAILS on the BOYS.