This set of photos has been waiting in my archives since early this spring, and for some reason I felt like this was the right moment to post them.

There's a lot going on around here. I'm under a heavy work load, and on top of that my mum has been in town for her last couple of days before returning to New York. we had some visitors for a zoo/barbecue day...old friends of ours from out years up in Vail. So there's a lot on the plate. On one hand, our cup runneth over. On the other hand, work and life are waging that constant battle in my soul right now, and it's hard to know how to keep the scales balanced.
But this series took place on a tumultuous spring day when Mike was still in school and Q and I were at loose ends, wandering around the 'hood.
Zoom in on her face here. Her beauty haunts me even though I see her every day.
Just FYI, I don't set up these shots. I just follow her around. I realized this afternoon, when my mum tried unsuccessfully to get Q to "look at the camera" for a posed shot, that the camera has been such a constant companion to Q for the past two years...she no longer even registers its presence. You cannot get the girl to pose. The camera is a non-entity to her, like a mailbox or a fire hydrant.
Q does what she does, and I try to move fast enough to capture most of it.

Back to the present tense later this holiday weekend. In the meantime, enjoy! ox

top - L'atelier de Marie et Rose Alice. Sandals, The Gap. Pants, gifted.


Mom-Friday said...

Anytime is a good time for beautiful pictures...and like most busy moms, I too have a backlog of (5-years worth!) of photos I need to organize. And we learn never to expect posed shots from tots! :D

kenza said...

Oh I love these colors.
(I posted a painting I think you will like - full of colors and light)
Have a sweet week end!

Yanyan said...

So true, can't really make them pose for us. She looks so beautiful and happy. And I am crazy about the top she is wearing. Q, can auntie Yanyan copy your style and make one for herself? Maia, if you ever have a yard sale let me know :)

FDChief said...

Maxine is sitting on my lap insisting that we send you a "special card". So here it is:

I LOVE YOU (happy face and rainbow here)!!!!!

(Maxine is adding; "Put rainbows and sparkle glitter on it and put it in the mail, and the mailman will cone and put it in their mailbox and QQ will read it and I LOVE YOU!")