In the farm country to the north of Denver, out where the foothills of the Rockies give way to the high plains of the East, there is a vast series of open lots that serves as home to the Mile High flea market. We've passed it many a time on our way to the berry farms. On the first day of the holiday weekend, we decided it was a good time to investigate.
The flea market is, for lack of a better word, surreal. One feels in another country.

Haircut, anyone?

I think I should have bought a trumpet.
Q found a parasol to add to her collection, and it was a good day for a the mid nineties with no relief from clouds.
And then there was holy grail. I love lucha libre masks. Laugh if you will. But there it is.
This Mysterio mask might actually be the start of a collection, now that I know where to find them ;) And Q scored herself a Mexican soccer uniform, which we will no doubt see much of in the near future.

While winding our way through the farms and trainyards, we had the good fortune to come across this. So I guess we know what we're doing tomorrow night!

Happy weekend to all.


Some Chilean Woman said...

I want a luchador mask so badly!!!

Q is getting so big!

Jocy said...


Evelyne said...

De petits bonheurs semaient sur les routes....bonnes vacances à tous les trois.

mir said...

O yeah ! Catch woman ! :-)))))

Yoli said...

I am glad Q is no longer scared by masks, as you know they are my fascination. Beautiful pictures Maia, hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July.

Willie and Henrietta said...

Love Drive Ins!

MODsquad said...

Oh, I've always been curious about the MH Flea Market... do you think it's worth a trip out?

A few years ago I hit up the Paris Street Market down at the Aspen Grove shopping area on Santa Fe... it was amazing!! The finds there were truly treasures. I just looked it up and I guess it's the first Saturday of the month through October. Check it out! Here is the link.