A day at the park with the family.
Isacah and Holland drying Q's dress after she had her head cooled off by daddy ;)
Q got a little jealous when I took a picture with niece Isacah.
Chrissie and the girls.

Lounging in daddy's capable lap.
A surrey ride around the lake.
These things take some pedalling, but the littles have a free ride up front!
Maisie and Willa joined us for the ride, on their way back from a Florida vacation.
Icecream at the end of a long, hot afternoon.
Judi's marvellous hat.
I'm afraid that Q is actually licking the popsicle wrappers in this shot.
Blue faces after the icecream orgy.
Washington Park in midsummer is quite idyllic.


Yoli said...

Sweet images.

Theresa said...

How fun. Come see what we did :)

kenza said...

Oh such lovely images and so much summer fun! I really like the "quality" (taint) of the photos.

Mlle Paradis said...

you don't do that? you don't lick the popsicle wraps?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh, yes, don't get me wrong: I lick the popsicle wraps. The problem here is that she didn't even bother to eat the icecream. She just wanted everyone's wrappers. Q was a major paper-eater at one and a half. A year later, she still has the residual paper-loving gene.

Juniper said...

Sunny summer days- this is what its all about.. picnics and surrey rides!

jane said...

these photos are so dreamy. really lovely captures my dear!

Merisi said...

A wonderful day at the park!

I remember the blue raspberry popsicles. Interestingly, I haven't spotted "blue raspberries" here. So far. ;-)

liza said...

so fun.

alliot / iza said...

Extremely love the first 2 pictures!!!!! They remind me of Norman Rockwell.
It would be great if you can illustrate these scenes!

Jeanne-ming said...

Alliot, ME TOO! The photo of Q in her blowing red dress! Are you kidding me! Crazy cute! I am heading to the studio RIGHT NOW!