...Thanks to Pia Jane Bijkerk's wonderful collection of Christmas gift selections, I've found the perfect gift for our daughter's first Christmas at home. This is something I would have been wild for as a child, so maybe I'm imposing my own preferences...but when you have a 15-month-old who only recently learned to play with anything other than packets of tissue paper and her own feet, this is what you do.
This set is from Our Green House, and is made from plantation-grown rubberwood, and hand-painted using child-safe paints. It includes 17 pieces and a totable, velcro-closure igloo to keep them in, for the very reasonable price of $34.00. I have seen wooden play sets like this costing up in the hundreds, so I was delighted to find something this nice for a price we could actually afford.
Now, if we can just figure out how to decorate a child-proof house for the holidays...any suggestions?


Melanie said...

Shatterproof ornaments work in our house. Not as pretty as glass - but child friendly for the most part. Now, off I go to steal your gift idea for my son...

ribambins said...

do you think we can still find it ?
we had it:
and I find it lovely as a gift. I can no longer find it here.