Elizabeth said...

Now she's showing her pirate blood by refusing to pose for a trite photo. It's serious business you know? Fierce little one.

josephine said...

awww, those photos are too cute! bummer that she doesn't want to be a pirate since she looks so adorable in the costume.

thanks to your comment on my blog, i discovered your gorgeous one!

FDChief said...

"...Like a duplicate baby, an angel
Or alien, we don't know which,
Forceful and intelligent and weird,
Playing with the controls.
Fetal eyes blinking, non-negotiable demands
Like Coke bubbles overflowing a glass,
It strengthens and grows.
When you read it stares through your eyes,
It vibrates when you practice piano,
The cotton dresses hang in your closet
Like conspirators, wavering in its breeze.
We watch you turn inward, your hair
Falls over your face like a veil that hides whatever
You would rather others don't know,
You lean your head listening
For its keen highstrung melancholy voice.
Here comes the gypsy caravan,
Ding-a-ling, the icecream man,
Plenty of glee and woe up the road.
We would do anything for you,
Sweetie, but we can do nothing—
You have to do it all by yourself."

from "What You Cannot Remember, What You Cannot Know" by Alice Susan Astriker