Day two in NY, stopping for coffee before making our way uptown for Q's biannual trip to FAO Schwarz...always a priority stop for us.

In Q's mind, The Plaza Hotel (aka Eloise's house) vies for importance with the "Big Piano" upstairs at FAO Schwarz.
 And me? I heart Evolution. The SoHo store is one of my favorites, and I was thrilled to find an Evolution booth at the toy store this time!
 After FAO, we hunted through the ever-changing and continuously-renovated bowels of the Plaza in search of Eloise's tea room.
 It is very pink in there. Because of the lighting, it's difficult to express in photos quite how pink it really is. Many, many shades of pink.
 After tea with Skipperdee and Weenie, she jumped rope in Eloise's room, and then played piano on the mirrored stage (??) before finally feeling sated, and agreeing to leave with a minimum of merchandise in tow (namely, a life-sized plush Skipperdee, true to her all-encompassing love of all things turtle).
Horses in the subway on the way home.


Nath said...

Wow eloise tea room.... We've got to do his one day... Big eloise fans here

Yoli said...

Maia I loving your NYC trip so much!!