I have been in love lately with a different sort of fashion mood...and it's a style not easily found here in the US. I wish our friend Jena (an architect who dabbles in clothing design and a few other crafty things) would start her own clothing line (and if she does, I'll be sure to post it) but I'm not sure she's convinced there's a market for it Stateside.
I've been scouring Etsy for something along the lines I have in my head...with precious few results. But I did just find this wonderful shop out of Italy, and had to share it.
Lucia at larimeloom offers gorgeous hand-sewn clothes as well as handspun or handwoven shawls and wool. I had to order a couple of pieces, and she was kind enough to mix and match some fabrics and styles to my specification (and account for my unusually long frame). I'll post them when they arrive. In the meantime, here are some favorites.
(Sorry - I can't get the link to work for some reason, but if you type in larimeloom under seller usernames you'll find it!)


Brynn said...

Funny, I just found a fiber arts blog out of Italy that I love.

Romance married to sophistication.

Love what you found.

Anonymous said...

beautiful- love that style. the link doesn't work- can you post it again?

Yoli said...

You have just the body to wear those pictures.